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Program listings: “Print any character” – WIZZDOM4

During 1984/5 five issues of Wizzdom were produced for members of the Victorian Wizzard Users Group.

These are being scanned and converted to PDF files for all to view.

They were produced on a typewriter as the Wizzard has no way of producing a document like this.

A effort has been made to reproduce the newsletters as accurately as possible, therefore spelling mistakes have not been corrected and the typewriter’s font has been copied.

Wizzdom Number 1 was produced on a typewriter that did not have ‘one’, ‘zero’ or ‘dollar’ keys. Lowercase “L” is used for ‘one’ and uppercase “o” is used for ‘zero’. The dollar sign (e.g. A$) is produced using the same method as on the typewriter. (StarOffice has ‘Strike through using /’ but Macro$oft Word does not.)

The later versions of Wizzdom were prduced on a better typewriter, that did have ‘one’, ‘zero’ and ‘dollar’.

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